Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Week No.3 - picture heavy!

Hello again!

I hope everyone is doing fine so far & still enjoying their own Project Life journey!
For me it´s still such a gorgeous way to preserve our family memories, all these little things in our everyday life I wanna look back to in the future. I´m so happy that I´ve found this project by Becky Higgins!

So, today I wanna share my Week No.3 with you all and I hope you´ll enjoy it. I still haven´t found the perfect workflow for me, but I´m working on it. And I´ve figured out how much I need a sewing machine - I love looking at all those PL layouts, which have stitches! Gorgeous! 
And my vintage typewriter broke last week - I might have to get another one too, since I´ve really enjoyed working with it for my first week of our album and love the mix of the typewriter and my own handwriting.

Okay, now be prepared for a lot of images! :)
Talk to you soon!
Happy scrapping everyone!

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Week No.2 of Project Life 2012

Hi everyone!

Pheew! Time flies and another week of the new year is almost gone! Crazy, isn´t it?
Sometimes I wish I could freeze the time on some days to calm down and relax a bit. My pregnancy is already over - only 8 weeks to go. It seems like yesterday we´ve found out that we´re expecting another baby and now the time is already here that we can hold the little miracle in our arms! So exciting!

So today I wanna show you my Project Life 2-page spread of our second week in 2012.
I´ve had a blast putting everything together, but realized also, that I still haven´t found my own workflow and the style which is ME. I think this may come with the experience I´ll make the next weeks. I´m really happy with my album so far though. It makes me happy to see our all memories printed onto photos (yay for my Canon Selphy!), written on journaling cards and stuffed in these cute little pockets. 
I love it.
I tried some other techniques, some other stuff this week, I also kicked out our vintage typewriter and wrote a muffin recipe down, which we´ve made this week - fun!

I´ve realized, that we may have a quite boring life. Not that much is happening in our everyday as you´ll see in the following pages - but I think there are the little things which matters most and I try myself to get the focus on them on not so busy days.

That´s it. Take a look at my pages, I hope you like them!
I hope everyone is fine and happy and healthy as can be!
Talk to you soon!
Happy scrapping everyone!

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

My first week of project life!

First of all a big SORRY for being so late with my post - I tried to get something written earlier, but wasn´t able with all that real life stuff! I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and an awesome start in a happy and healthy new year!
Talking about happy makes it easy for me to switch directly to my first week of Project Life - woot! Since I got all my stuff from Becky Higgins (a very sweet friend send it to me from the states - thank you again Debra, you are the best!) and some other supplies which I thought that would work, I could not wait to start our family project!
I haven´t told you before, but I´m a digi scrapper at heart, I´ve never ever touched one single piece of paper before, the thought of scrapping my photos "in reality" with glue, scissors and all, scared me a lot. I was thinking about the high costs and all the mess. I was sure that this could never work for me! Then I stumpled over the blog from Becky Higgins, Michelle Wooderson, Lisa Truesdell and Marcy Penner - just to name a few. And I got hooked. And inspired. And there was only one thing in in my mind from this day on: 
I wanna make an album like this
Since I´m rarely printing my digital layouts, I´ve always wanted to find a way to get our memories and photos printed and saved in an easy but beautiful way - PL seemed to be just perfect for this! And since I´m more than 30 weeks pregnant today and with the knowledge, that our family life will change A LOT in a few weeks (which definitely has to be documented) and that I will rarely have the time to sit down and getting digital scrapping pages done, I took the plunge and ordered myself a lot of stuff for Project Life, got a planner and read through a lot of blogs to find some inspiration.
The rest is history and so here we are!

If you have made it so far through this post in my bad english - thank you!
Now let´s get started to share some pics of my very first week!
I´m almost feeling intimitated to share these with you, since there are SO MANY creative heads out there, who are getting magic done on every single week in their PL albums, but oh well: It feels so good to get photos printed to see them stuffed up with some embellies in these pockets and I already can´t wait to start in the second week! 
So, you might not find the most creative pages in this place, but our memories and that´s what makes it so very special to me!

Long story short, here are some photos of my first week in 2012:

That´s it. So simple. So us. :)
I hope you like it! Be on the lookout for some other posts about the stash I got, I hope to get it done soon, already preparing the pictures for it! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Happy scrapping!