Montag, 9. Januar 2012

My first week of project life!

First of all a big SORRY for being so late with my post - I tried to get something written earlier, but wasn´t able with all that real life stuff! I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and an awesome start in a happy and healthy new year!
Talking about happy makes it easy for me to switch directly to my first week of Project Life - woot! Since I got all my stuff from Becky Higgins (a very sweet friend send it to me from the states - thank you again Debra, you are the best!) and some other supplies which I thought that would work, I could not wait to start our family project!
I haven´t told you before, but I´m a digi scrapper at heart, I´ve never ever touched one single piece of paper before, the thought of scrapping my photos "in reality" with glue, scissors and all, scared me a lot. I was thinking about the high costs and all the mess. I was sure that this could never work for me! Then I stumpled over the blog from Becky Higgins, Michelle Wooderson, Lisa Truesdell and Marcy Penner - just to name a few. And I got hooked. And inspired. And there was only one thing in in my mind from this day on: 
I wanna make an album like this
Since I´m rarely printing my digital layouts, I´ve always wanted to find a way to get our memories and photos printed and saved in an easy but beautiful way - PL seemed to be just perfect for this! And since I´m more than 30 weeks pregnant today and with the knowledge, that our family life will change A LOT in a few weeks (which definitely has to be documented) and that I will rarely have the time to sit down and getting digital scrapping pages done, I took the plunge and ordered myself a lot of stuff for Project Life, got a planner and read through a lot of blogs to find some inspiration.
The rest is history and so here we are!

If you have made it so far through this post in my bad english - thank you!
Now let´s get started to share some pics of my very first week!
I´m almost feeling intimitated to share these with you, since there are SO MANY creative heads out there, who are getting magic done on every single week in their PL albums, but oh well: It feels so good to get photos printed to see them stuffed up with some embellies in these pockets and I already can´t wait to start in the second week! 
So, you might not find the most creative pages in this place, but our memories and that´s what makes it so very special to me!

Long story short, here are some photos of my first week in 2012:

That´s it. So simple. So us. :)
I hope you like it! Be on the lookout for some other posts about the stash I got, I hope to get it done soon, already preparing the pictures for it! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Happy scrapping!


  1. Das sieht doch schon mal toll aus. Ganz süß ist ja das "Tschüss Füße" :) Alles Gute für die restliche Zeit. Dein English ist übrigens sehr gut.

  2. Also ich bin begeistert!! Ganz toll. Da musst du dich echt nicht verstecken, deine Seiten sind super. Und dein Englisch auch.
    Ich komme gern wieder vorbei :-)

  3. Da kann ich mich den beiden nur anschließen! Deine Seiten sind total genial und du musst dich wirklich nicht verstecken!!! Meine werden sicher nicht so aufwendig werden... aber es soll ja auch zu einem selbst passen ;-)

  4. My goodness...this is sooo gorgeous!!!

  5. This spread is stunning, Jasmin!! Kudos to you for embarking in this project, never having paper scrapped before - but you have nothing to fear! You are a true inspiration!

  6. Wow,- das ist super! Ich warte wohl noch einige Wochen auf meine Original-Teile. Bis dahin muss ich improvisieren,- aber das ist nicht schlimm. Das Leben besteht ja auch aus 100% Improvisation...(lol)

  7. You Rocked this. Holy cow. I love it.

  8. Gorgeous girl!! I adore the three picture picture. You really make me want to get the Clementine kit.

  9. Jazzmin your album is beautiful! I love the colorful choices you made and the fun photos and dimensional alpha stickers! Great job with your first week!

  10. You MUST stop selling yourself short... YOUR pages are magic and I will definitely be back to see what else you do. I'm new to PL but have done both paper and digital scrapping. I've never done any hybrid though, so this will be cool. I plan to do mostly paper stuff but will add digital touches too, especially with the journaling. I feel like I want my pages to look a certain way, but I'm not sure if I can "pull it off" but you know what... who cares as long as the memory has been preserved and the story told, right? :)

  11. Oh Jasmin!! This is so beautiful and creative! I love all the little details! I'm subscribing to your blog now so I don't miss any updates. ;)

  12. Jasmin...this is absolutely stunning! I'm so happy I ordered this set now so I can try working on some pages like this! I'll be stalking your blog for ideas!!

  13. Great work! I'm gaga over your movie ticket holder.