Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Time flies!

Doesn´t it? We´ve already finished another week of 2012, another week of Project Life - wow! How is everybody doing? Are you still loving putting together all your memories into your album? Can you still keep up and remind yourself to take pictures of small and big moments in your life? I have to admit that I´m struggling from time to time BUT am so proud that I haven´t failed yet at all. 
I´m still in love with this project, I love taking some ME time, to sit down in the evening and getting my pages done. Still haven´t found a "flow" for me, still doing things in no particular order, just trying to get everything ready in time. But that´s not a big problem for me yet. Like I said in my previous post - the pregnancy is making me so very tired at the moment, I could sleep all day long if anyone would let me, lol. So getting my weekly PL spreads done in time is a big goal for me! I hope I´ll still get them done when our baby has arrived - even if on a simple base. :)
Thank you again for your comments and all your lovely pins on pinterest - I love to read you! And I promise, once when things calm down a bit, I´ll look at your blogs and leave some comments too!
Okay, enough said, now I want to share some pictures of our week No.8!

I hope everyone is having a nice week!
Talk to you soon!

Happy scrapping, 

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

New week - new spread!

Hello! I´m sorry for posting this a bit later as usual (again) and I´ll keep this post today short and simple. I´m still feeling pretty well with my pregnancy (almost week 38!) but I´m sooo tired, lol. The only thing I could think of is my bed, ha! But there´s still so much to do. And my household really needs to get done. So without any other words, here are the pictures from my week 7 of PL - I kept it simple this time, I´m just waaaay too sleepy at the moment. But still proud that I got it done though! I´m so hoping and looking forward to continue this the whole year - one year of memories captured in one album: 
Just the thought of it makes me so happy!
Talk to you soon - I hope everyone is well!
Happy scrapping, 

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Still in love with Project Life!

Hi everyone!

Can you belive it? We´ve already finished week SIX of the new year - times flies! I hope everyone is doing fine. It´s still winter here in germany and very cold. I cannot wait for spring. Already dreaming of sunshine and flowers! I love this season so much!
Today I got my weekly spread of week 6 done and wanna share it with you. I´m still in love with this Project. I love to see my photos printed, which is something I haven´t done really often before starting this album. My family is in love too - they adore all these little bits and pieces. :)
Okay, here´s my two-page spread from last week, I think this is my favorite color scheme for my album.

 Left side:

 Right side:

I´m still in love with my sewing machine and used it a lot this week, but I still have to get used to it. Don´t you just love these fabric hearts by Amy Tangerine?

 My belly is still growing - four weeks left until we´ll meet our new family member! So excited about it!

On the left card (SMASH product) I wrote down something funny Mattis told my parents. On the right side a brandnew mixer, a gift from my hubby - love him! Yes, and hubby too! ;)

Our baby got his first pair of socks, made by my mother - definitely worth a capture, right? I ADORE the patterned paper on the right, the colors, the design - awesome! It´s a Paper Pad (Farmhouse) from Crate Paper. Love all their Pads and am using them a lot!

My men having fun in the bath tub - yes, they are crazy! The paper piece with the saying "makes me smile" is from Ormolu, they have a lot of stuff which is perfect for PL!

 I´m pretty tired these days and trying to relax a bit whenever I can. I know that there´ll come other times soon!

Mattis is my little artist - look what he made me for our album. It shows our house and our family - already completed the four of us! LOVE it!

We´ve got a vintage typewriter last week and Mattis fell in love. Now he busy typing every day and learning the ABC. Cutie!

My parents came and picked up my son from Kindergarten. They went to McDonalds as a surprise and Mattis enjoyed it so much! He doesn´t see them often. I took the Happy Meal bag and cut out this little buddy - the perfect fit to document this day! Although I´m pretty sad that I forgot to snag a photo of Mattis and my parents! Too bad!

A lovely sunday morning and a huge jar of Nutella - a perfect start in a great day! :)

Love this photo, it shows the sunny personality of my son and just screams happiness to me!
No journaling needed, right?

Okay, that´s it, I´m off to take a look around to see what everyone has created this week!
Thank you so much for stopping by this week -  means a lot to me! 
Talk to you soon!
Happy scrapping,