Montag, 26. März 2012

A miracle has found it´s way in our home...

Hi everybody!

I´m sorry, I totally fell behind the past weeks with my PL album! But there´s a reason for it, and it couldn´t be more beautiful! On Tuesday, March 13th, we got blessed by our wonderful tiny baby boy! Please welcome Lönne! <3

We couldn´t be more excited, happy and exhausted, lol. He´s adorable and full of sweetness, but life has changed now and we first had to find a little fresh baby routine in our house. I guess any mother of you knows what I´m talking about, right?
Anyway, things seem to calm down a bit and I hope that I´ll be able to get the last two weeks (wait - three! eek!) for my album done these days, I hate being that behind already!

So be on the lookout for a fresh new blogpost next week! I hope everyone is doing fine so far!
I cannot wait to take a look at everyones PL albums and soaking up some inspiration!

Happy scrapping, 

Montag, 5. März 2012

Week No.9 - grab a cup of coffee, this is gonna be long!

Hello everyone!

Weeee, it´s that time again, ANOTHER week has already gone by! Seriously, this is unbelieveable, right?
So, I´m sitting here (still pregnant btw, my belly keeps growing, lol. Nine days to go until the due date!!) to share my newest week of our PL album. Still being tired all day, so please excuse me, if I won´t write that much. :)

This is another post, which will be picture overload.
I hope you will make it to the end, since I´m sharing there a beautiful place with TONS of digital, printable stuff, which is perfect for Project Life!

First of all let´s start with my weekly spread.
I´m still using the Photo Pocket Pages A, but ordered some other designs, can´t wait for them to arrive to try them out!
This week I´ve included my first extra insert (Din A4) with a drawing from my son and a document which he got in kindergarten.

Left side:

 Right side:

 Weekly starter page:

 Some journaling about my pregnancy:

 Here I´ve used 2 3x4 slots to journal about my son, who´s loving adventures! I love to include a tag, arrow or something like this, cut them into two pieces and put them on the cards/photos, to show the connection of these two slots:

 In the left pocket I´ve stuffed one of these folded 4x6 cards from the Clementine Core Kit since I´ve had to get a little bit more journaling done.

 Here I´ve used a simple photo and wrote the text into it via Photoshop. So easy-peasy and I really like to it from time to time.

 Got me a paper pad from one of MME newest collections and used it as BG in this 4x6 pocket - LOVE!

  A capture from Mattis while he´s singing a birthday song to his grandma. The speechbubble is from a digital printable, I´ll share the link with you all at the end of this post. :)

 My men:

 In love with the printable journaling cards from Marcy Penner (right side):

 Got some Dear Lizzy goodies (from her new Neapolitan line) in the mail this week and LOVE them, especially the stamp!! So addictive! And don´t you just adore this piece of jar??

 Mattis and I on at the beach, took some photos with my iphone and put them into a little collage.

 Snickerdoodle time - our favorite cookie!! The little flag is from October Afternoon!

That´s it.
But wait! As promised I wanna share a beautiful place in the digital scrapbooking world, which offers tons of printables, SO useful for Project Life!
Since I´m a digital scrapper at heart I´ve found a home through the years which I love. You will find an awesome & talented community there and AMAZING designers, who sell the most beautiful digital designs EVER! And some freebies too! One of them (Designs by Lili) is the designer of the Clementine Core Kit! I love to print some sheets of digital journaling cards, tabs, frames, etc. and use them in my own album every week.
I´m speaking of The Lilypad and trust me, it´s so worth a click!
They also have a gorgeous Project Life Forum. where you can find a lot of inspirations, since a lot of people are sharing their albums there!

Here are some of the designs you can find in the store (images are linked), but be sure to take a look around, since there are tons more (especially in the category printables!):

  Okay, these are just a few, as I told you, there are a lot more!! Take a look, you won´t regret it! And stop by in the forum, it´s the sweetest community ever!!
Congrats, if you´ve made it that far through the whole post! I know, it has been awful long - sorry!
See you next week!
Happy scrapping,