Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Looking back - week 10

Hi everyone,
again, a day later than usual, I would like to share my weekly spread. It´s not a actual one though, so be prepared for a little flashback with me being pregnant. This was the week before I gave birth to Lönne. :)
This week I´ve had a hard time to fill the 4x6 pockets with small photos & journaling, I don´t like them much... Anyway, glad that I got another week done, we´re still battling with colics and other babystuff. Actually we´re spending a lot of time at the physiotherapie, they are hoping to help him this way. His muscletonus is way too high and he seems to be stressed out because of this very easily. Any good thoughts would be appreciated. :) We´re so over it and just hoping for a little happy baby boy.

So, here´s week 10:
 I went with a lot of blue and red - I adore these colors together!

Always in love with a pretty patterned paper like this one:

Found a new addiction beside icecream & chocolate:

Tag (living in this moment) from Ormolu, badge by evalicious (this & that collection)

Photo overlay (Rawker) by C.D.Muckosky@TLP

Weeee! Becky Higgins has featured my blog on her FB fan page! A big day for a newbie like me!! Totally worth a pocket in my PL album, don´t ya think? :)

It already seems so long ago that my belly was that huge!

Don´t you just adore these wood veneer arrows by Studio Calico?

Love this little guy SO much!

My little sister gave birth to her second boy three days before I got my baby. He´s a cutie!

Mattis and I having some fun with potatoes and watercolors. :)

Okay, that´s it for today! Stay tuned for next week, as there will be a special post about one of my favorite stores Project Life wise - there might be a coupon for everyone of you! *hint hint*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!
Talk to you soon!

Happy scrapping, 

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Week 19 - still trying to catch up!

Hi everyone, 

oh well, even if I´m one day later than usual, I want to share my Project Life week No. 19 with you all!

How´s everyone doing? We´re still having a busy time at home. Lönne seems to get a little bit better, but still has his time in the evening when he´s screaming like crazy for about an hour. We´re still trying to figure out how to help him. Here´s to hope that we´ll find a way soon!
It´s a stressful time, we´re feeling helpless and so sorry for him. Anyway - we´re looking positive into the future - there will be better times.

 Okay, now let me share some pictures of my weekly PL spread.
I have to say that I LOVE to work with Project F - I find that these little pockets do fit my scrapping style so much more! Which design do you like best?

Okay, I´m off and trying to get some sleep while out littlest is sleeping.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Talk to you soon! :)
Happy scrapping, 


Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Week 17 - first time using Design F!

Hi everyone!

Yay, it´s me again! I got my week done today and can´t wait to show it to you, since this is one of my favorites so far! Got tons of products from Bananafishstudio and was so excited to get my hands on them - she´s creating AMAZING stuff, I can tell you!
Also I´ve had a lot of fun with some Silhouette cut outs, Smash Washi Tape and new Crate Paper Goodies - I´m a happy girl! :)

Okay, I have to hurry a bit, since my baby boy is sleeping in the sling, I´m wearing him right now, but it seems that he´s already getting hungry again...
Thank you so much for all of these nice and sweet comments last week - I´d loved to read through then and it made me feel a bit better to know, that I´m not the only mother with a baby who has to fight the colics. It seems like it´s getting sloooooowly better, he still has some rough days now and then, but also some good ones. We´re taking every new day as he comes and are hoping that our little one will feel way better very soon!

So, here´s my spread from last week. Still have to catch up some past ones, but I thought I might go with the actual one first.

Sigh. This patterned paper makes me swoon every time I look at it! SO beautiful!
(Crate Paper Farmhouse Paper Pad)

Mattis and I baked his favorite bread! And we loved the result!:)
That circle tag I cut into three pieces, is from Bananafishstudio.

Yay for spring, it´s finally here! 

A lot of fun in the bath tub! :)

Don´t you just love these chubby legs??

My two little guys - there´s such a strong bonding already between them, I love them both to pieces!

That´s it, thanks if you have made it that far! ;)
Talk to you soon, enjoy your week!

Happy scrapping, 

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Yes, I´m still alive - trying to catch up!

Hello everyone, 

I know, I haven´t blog since ages, I´m sorry! 
Real life is keeping me busy! Our little one is having a rough time in his first weeks - he has a lot of colics and we´re having sleepless nights. I´m so sorry for this little guy and feeling kinda helpless. They say it will be over when he´s three months old, so we´re praying that this is the truth! Only five weeks to go - pheew. My heart hurts so much seeing him in so much pain, but since we´re having a good day then & when, we´re trying to relax in these moments.

So, this is the reason of my absence - and believe me, I totally fell behind with our PL album! But I´m trying hard to catch up and hoping that I´m on a good way.
Today I wanna share with you my week 14.
This was the easter week, which meant a lot of pictures and my first extra insert - yay!
To keep this short, here are tons of pictures of my weekly spread, without lot of words. I have to keep things short, my baby boy is already crying again... :(

I hope everyone is fine! I sure will come and visit all of your blogs if there´s time, I swear!
Happy scrapping!