Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Week 19 - still trying to catch up!

Hi everyone, 

oh well, even if I´m one day later than usual, I want to share my Project Life week No. 19 with you all!

How´s everyone doing? We´re still having a busy time at home. Lönne seems to get a little bit better, but still has his time in the evening when he´s screaming like crazy for about an hour. We´re still trying to figure out how to help him. Here´s to hope that we´ll find a way soon!
It´s a stressful time, we´re feeling helpless and so sorry for him. Anyway - we´re looking positive into the future - there will be better times.

 Okay, now let me share some pictures of my weekly PL spread.
I have to say that I LOVE to work with Project F - I find that these little pockets do fit my scrapping style so much more! Which design do you like best?

Okay, I´m off and trying to get some sleep while out littlest is sleeping.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Talk to you soon! :)
Happy scrapping, 



  1. Your pages look great! So soft & the pages flow so well. I was so glad to see you link up.

  2. Love love love it! Ich hoffe euch geht es gut Süße <3 Deine Seiten sind wundervoll und auch ich lieeeebe Design F <3
    *drück dich*

  3. Hello - your PL pages are among my VERY FAVORITE!!! Believe me, I have probably spent more time looking at other PL pages than I have spent on making my own. Your pages inspire me more than any others! I began a hybrid version of PL this year, but homeschooling 3 boys made it difficult to use paper supplies so I changed to making my pages digitally. I OFTEN use your pages to get great ideas. You can see my pages on my blog...
    You may notice some pockets that look a lot like some of your pockets. I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration! Also, my middle son - the red head had the worst colic - and it lasted longer than what everyone had told us. It was a very trying time. Reading your posts brings back all those memories. It will pass my friend - and then your sweet boy will feel better and will be the happiest boy ever. Hang in there! I'd love for you to follow my blog! Thanks so much! ~Amy Mallory