about me

Welcome everyone!
I´m so glad you´re visiting my little blog and hope that you´ll enjoy it!
My name is Jasmin, 30 years old (eeeek - really that old?!), living in the north of germany, happily married to the love of my life, mother from a beautiful and wild son with a sunny personality and actually 30 weeks pregnant now - we´re all happily waiting for our fourth family member, who will complete us and already does (bumping like crazy in my belly while I´m writing this).
After the birth of my first son (who´s name is Mattis btw) in the year 2006, I quickly found my love for photography and searched for a beautiful way to get these photos printed. So I found another love - digital scrapbooking.
I got obsessed soon and couldn´t stop. In 2008 I began to make my own designs and am selling my stuff since then - I love being creative this way!
Now I´m starting a new journey, which I´m SO excited about:
Project Life.
And it already feels so RIGHT! I can get all my crafty loves together and found a way to preserve all my memories in a quick but also beautiful way.
That´s it.
I would love you to join me in this journey! So grab yourself a cup of coffee and come to visit my blog from time to time! :)
You are more than welcome!

Lots of love and happy scrapping!
Best wishes,